His Magical Journey

About Jimmy Marvel

Jimmy Marvel Works With You to Create a Marvelous Magic Show

The show starts with you and ends with you – you are the key to the success of the event. Jimmy cares about his client’s successful event. Upon receiving the booking request, he will consult with his client, like you, to tailor the programme of his magic show. At some occasions he will customize his props to fit the theme of the occasion just to make the show more connected to your event.

A Member of The International Brotherhood of Magicians

Jimmy Marvel is a member of The International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM). The International Brotherhood of Magicians is the world’s largest organization of magicians, with members in 88 countries. Founded in 1922 by Len Vintus and Gene Gordon, the I.B.M.’s membership today includes some top professional magicians as well as thousands of enthusiastic hobbyists from all walks of life.

Story of Jimmy Marvel


I started my entertainment journey in my early 20s as a hobby and charitable interest. I toured around the Chicago area with a troupe of clowns, performing as Klum-Z Bill and later as George The  Tramp Clown to local charitable communities. When migrating to New Zealand in 2006, I continued to perform on a casual basis as George The Clown, the character was reinvented with vibrant colours of joy. I had the pleasure of performing for five weeks in Dubai for their 2015 World Shopping Festival. Shortly after my return to Auckland I reinvented myself again, retired my clown shoes and Jimmy Marvel was born.


 With great support and mentors within the magic community, I have been inspired to build my own magic props to create impactful illusions for my show. The popularity of the show has encouraged me to make it my full time profession and I left my 9-5 Quality Engineer job. Since then I have custom made a wide variety of the magic props that produce the wow effect. For the last few years, I have also met with world renowned magicians lecturing in New Zealand, just to name a few: Silly Billy…… 


In the coming years, I wish to establish a channel that will pass the art of magic to the next generations. Magic performance requires a high discipline and dedication to achieve high quality illusions.

Meet The Magic Show Team

Chocolate the Bunny Peaches the Bunny Peanut the Bunny  Butters the Dove 

Chocolate the Bunny

Peanut the Bunny

Peaches the Bunny

Butters the Dove