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Planning party activities doesn’t need to be stressful. Do a quick search of Pinterest and use the power of Google. You can make colourful snacks and treats without spending a fortune.
Younger children do better with simple games like pass the parcel.
Games like musical chairs can seem like a lot of fun but can easily turn over aggressive and ruin a fun party.
Have some fun tunes to play during the party, it really adds to the atmosphere.

Activity Idea – Ice Age Excavation
Place small plastic toys in small balloons then add water until the size of a large egg and freeze. Peel the balloons on the morning of the party and place in a large bowl or container. Give the children small spoons to use to chip away at the ice until they free their prizes.

Activity Idea – Pull String Piñata
Make a friendly pull string piñata. Make a piñata with a trap door that opens with a string. Then hide that string in a bunch of other strings, only one string will open the trap door. Search on Google for instructions how.
We made twenty-five pull string piñatas for our son’s party one year. Each child had their own string attached to a piñata filled with prizes and confetti. It was the best kids birthday party ever.