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Planning party activities doesn’t need to be stressful. Do a quick search of Pinterest and use the power of Google. You can make colourful snacks and treats without spending a fortune. Younger children do better with simple games like pass the parcel. Games like musical chairs can seem like a lot of fun but can...
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Invitations get a better response rate if you personalise them. Children like to see their name on the invitation and their parents will likely recognise the effort. Send the invitations no later than three weeks prior to the birthday party. Any later than that and your invitees will likely have other plans. Remember to include a...
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If this is your first time hiring a birthday entertainer you might find it overwhelming, here are a few tips on getting the right entertainer for your event. Call the entertainer prior to setting your date and time. You might find the entertainer you want is already booked at the time you want him/her. Book...
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Organising venues, entertainers and hireage should be done before setting the date and time Write each child’s name on their cup to reduce the number of misplaced cups Multiple activities can be fun but also overwhelming if done simultaneously Personalising party favour bags adds a special touch When planning an outdoor party have a backup venue...
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