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If this is your first time hiring a birthday entertainer you might find it overwhelming, here are a few tips on getting the right entertainer for your event.

  • Call the entertainer prior to setting your date and time. You might find the entertainer you want is already booked at the time you want him/her.
  • Book well in advance, some entertainers are booked weeks to months in advance. You’ll have a better chance of finding the right entertainer if you start a few months before the party.
  • You generally get what you pay for. Bargain hunting might land you a cheaper price but make sure you’re not losing quality at the same time. Some of the better entertainers charge higher prices because they are worth it.
  • Reserve a parking spot for them. Not only will they appreciate it but the time and energy they save carrying props will be more time and energy to spend on the show.
  • Plan for the entertainer to start at least an hour after your guests arrive. This will give your guests time to settle in and helps assure nobody misses the show.
  • Turn off any distractions during the entertainment. You wouldn’t put a bouncy castle in the movie theatre.
  • Noisemakers can ruin the entertainment. If you have some to pass out do so after the entertainment.