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  • Invitations get a better response rate if you personalise them. Children like to see their name on the invitation and their parents will likely recognise the effort.
  • Send the invitations no later than three weeks prior to the birthday party. Any later than that and your invitees will likely have other plans.
  • Remember to include a RSVP date and phone number (or email).
  • Include a message to the parents if this is a drop-off only. Remember to include a time to pick the child up or you might have an unexpected guest for dinner.
  • Invitations distributed at school can easily get lost and damaged in backpacks. Print them on sturdy paper and place them in an envelope with the child’s name on it.
  • Include a message if a meal is provided, it reduces waste.
  • If you make your invitation colourful and put a magnet on it and it will find a home on their fridge.
    • You can buy inexpensive magnet strips at some two dollar shops, emporiums and hardware stores.